About Floraglow.

Floraglow, a subsidiary of Microtronix Manufacturing, specializes in the design and manufacturing of Designer Landscaping Luminaires. FloraGlow can turn any garden area, patio or home into an illuminated, aesthetically pleasing outdoor splendor. Illuminate your world with 100% waterproof, professional, multicolour LED landscaping garden and feature lights.

Lighting up the garden around a home not only provides a wonderful atmosphere for summer entertaining, it also serves to provide additional security, reducing the number of accidents in a night garden, and even increase the value of a home. Installed garden lighting adds night-time drama to any garden. Whether it is for entertaining or merely a place for relaxation, lighting can be designed to create moods and add a truly desirable ambiance… even during winter months.

The company has a number of products, most notably their Garden Spike design and their Wall Mount design. Each option comes in a variety of colour options including: Red, Red-Orange, Amber, Lime Green, Green, Blue, Royal Blue, White 4000K and Multicolour RGB.


This website was originally designed back in August 2018 by Tarryn Nolan from Bling Corporate Services which I then adapted to become an online store. The website makes use of an ECommerce transaction plugin and allows users to purchase the products directly from the website. Find out more about Floraglow.