About Megan Thöle Biokineticists.

Megan Thöle Biokineticists in Bryanston and Sandton, have established a very strong working relationship with other exceptional health care professionals in order to ensure that their patients receive optimal care and achieve the best possible results to obtain maximum functional capacity. They believe that a strong healthcare network provides the fundamental base that is required to achieve optimal results!

Megan Thöle Biokineticists’ mission is to improve quality of life for their patients by optimizing their ability to MOVE! Through movement comes happy joints and muscular strength. Through happy joints and strength comes ability to live, ability to exercise, ability to have fun!!

Their wish is for our patients to have FREEDOM within their bodies. Freedom to move, freedom to live a maximum life. Free of limitations.


This website was designed as a single page site for MT Bio and has since been upgraded to include new Biokineticists in the practice. Visit the website: http://www.mtbio.co.za/