About Progressive Wealth.

Progressive Wealth (Pty) Ltd is a firm of independent financial planning and wealth management consultants, providing advisory services to private clients, business owners and corporate companies. Situated in Johannesburg and with a client base throughout South Africa, Progressive Wealth aims to develop lifelong relationships with their clients by protecting, preserving, and creating wealth in order to assist them in achieving their desired lifestyle needs and objectives.

Based on sound principles of trust and integrity, the company’s financial planning service is focused on adding value to their clients through effective and tailor made local and offshore investment planning, retirement planning, and risk product solutions (long term assurance).

With over 30 years combined industry experience, they are registered CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERĀ® professionals, and are members of the internationally recognized Financial Planning Institute (FPI). Their financial planners have both strong investment and life industry backgrounds, and continuously strive to be on the forefront of the ever changing financial services industry.

By conducting a comprehensive financial planning evaluation with their clients, they are able to construct and advise on the best possible solution for long term wealth creation, capital protection, and meeting of financial needs. Their services include: Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Risk Products.

Design & Updates.

This website was originally designed back in August 2017 and is still updated on a monthly basis. Every month we update the Wealth Portfolios section of the website, namely updating the Flexible Income, Cautious, Moderate and Moderate Aggressive portfolio performance of the previous month. Find out more about Progressive Wealth.