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About Cuan Stafford

My Career And Interests

I pride myself in giving clients a functional and clean solution to design and branding. My passion for Web Design stems from my knowledge of Graphic Design which I obtained from a BA in Graphic Design from Greenside Design Center. I couple my keen eye for layout, typography, and cleanliness with a modern, functional and simplistic approach to Web Design.

About Cuan Stafford

About Cuan Stafford

The Early Design Days

I first got introduced to design in Grade 10, something I wish I had known more about years in advance. However, starting design as a school subject in 2008 has dramatically changed my life. Being introduced to the earliest forms of modern art and functional design really shaped my future in a way I never imagined.

I enjoyed doing design so much in high school that I decided (right after matriculating) to enrol at GDC (Greenside Design Center) College Of Design. After 3 years of learning even more about design and how to develop my style as a designer, I graduated, and my career began.

If you would like to see some of the work I did during high school and college, feel free to head through to my ‘Early Days’ portfolio archive page.

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About Cuan Stafford

The Early Career Days

My first and only full-time job as a design employee was for Gold Media Lab (formerly Verpakt Management Services) as a Junior Web Designer. During my time at the company, I learnt a huge amount about web design, website management, affiliate marketing, digital marketing and so much more.

As a company that specializes in iGaming and Affiliate Marketing, Gold Media Lab gave me a deep understanding of the industry and how it relates to the acquisition and retention of customers. This experience became integral to landing future work with companies such as Millionaires Gaming and LulaBet (Thanks for everything Silke).

If you would like to see some of the work I did during my employed life, feel free to head through to my ‘Early Career’ portfolio archive page.

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