Cuan Stafford

I’m Cuan Stafford, a Graphic and Web Designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. With multiple years of experience in the Digital Marketing spectrum as well as a keen eye for Graphic Design, I pride myself in giving clients a functional and clean solution to design and branding.

My passion for web design stems from my knowledge of Graphic Design which I obtained from a BA in Graphic Design from Greenside Design Center. I couple my keen eye for layout, typography and cleanliness with a modern, functional and simplistic approach to Web Design.

My approach to design is focused on being clean, functional and user-friendly which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and interaction with potential clients and customers. Click here to view my work.

I first got introduced to design in Grade 10, something I wish I had known more about years in advance. However, starting design as a school subject over 10 years ago has dramatically changed my life. Being introduced to the earliest forms of modern art and functional design really shaped my future in a way I never imagined.

I enjoyed doing design so much in high school that I decided (right after matriculating) to enroll at GDC (Greenside Design Center) College Of Design. After 3 years of learning even more about design and my style as a designer, I graduated and my career began.

My first and only job as an ‘design’ employee was for Verpakt Management Services as a Junior Web Designer. During my time at the company I learnt a huge amount about web design, website management, affiliate marketing, digital marketing and so much more. The experience and knowledge I gained during that time laid the path to allow me to open up my own business and trade as me, Cuan Stafford.

I opened up my business in July 2017 and have since grown an extensive portfolio of websites, clients and alot of other design related media.